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Sole Service - Hiking Boot Repairer Australia

It's that time of year where we all want to get out and enjoy the beautiful trails in our area. Especially because of the pandemic and the constant lockdowns - everyone is itching to get out! And, if you're like us, this means taking your favourite pair of hiking boots with you. Unfortunately, boots take a beating on the trails and can easily become damaged, soles lift, uppers rip...and the hiking boot rubber soles even disintegrate. All of these issues and more are repairable at Sole Service. Repair over replace!

We will have your favourite, comfy hiking boots ready and repaired  ASAP before your next trip!

Sole Service hiking boot repair and restoration is one of our most popular services! We've repaired multiple hiking boots brands such as Scarpa, Kathmandu, Meindl and Zamberlan. 

Sole Service takes time to complete each hiking boot repair, moulded waterproof soles are stiched into the uppers and specialised equipment used to  apply the soles. 

Sole Service has been selected by leading hiking boot manufacturer as their trusted repairer Australia wide. 

Let's get your hiking boots fixed.......Simply select your repair, request a quotation and and let the Sole Service Team collect your shoes from your home or workplace, restore and then return to you anywhere in Australia.


 Csarpa hiking boot damaged rubber sole

 Csarpa hiking boot sole replacement - New Vibram sole by Sole Service

If you would like Sole Service to provide you with a complimentary quotation to repair your hiking boots please click HERE