RM Williams repairs

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RM Williams repairs

RM Williams are renowned for their longevity. Our customers have bought their RM Williams more than 30 years ago, and still wear them day in day out. Like a good horse once broken in they are your loyal friend. The character and beauty of RM Williams boots is an evolution over time. With every wear, you add another layer of character to your pair. When yours need some TLC, send them into Sole Service for a tune up. 

Sole Service can handle the lot, redress the leather upper, replace the elastics, the tugs and resole them. All you need to do is book them in with Sole Service and we will pick them up from your door, repair your boots, then send them right back. You can arrange it all from the comfort of your couch.

They are a beast of a boot and only an RM Williams boot owner knows the feeling, but they do need care. To keep your boots working as hard as you do, boot repairs are part of the ongoing love affair. 

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