Summer Handbag and Shoe Fix

Summer Handbag and Shoe Fix -

Summer Handbag and Shoe Fix

We are officially on holidays, work has finished, summer is here and our wardrobe favourites are making their summer debut. Time to dust off your summer collection of handbags and shoes. 

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1. Handbag Colour Change / Dye 

Love your handbag but it has seen better days? Maybe the colour is not cutting it in your wardrobe anymore. We can recolour bags in any colour darker than the original… the darker the colour, the more consistent the result. Some limitations do apply, and we do not recommend suede, nubuck or patent.


Gucci handbag recolour by Sole Service


2. Designer Sneaker clean

White sneakers are an essential accessory and they are classic. They are the ultimate "go-to" footwear accessory.  Wear then with shorts, match with your favourite dress for drinks with friends, the versatility is endless.  As the staple that sees you through the whole year, it’s likely your white sneakers are starting to look a little tired.

Whether your sneakers are canvas, suede, leather or fabric, we have the solutions to clean, restore and repair them.  For a full renewal, our signature restoration techniques will include repairing scuffs and dulled colour. View our Gucci Ace before and after. Now looking as good as new.


Gucci Ace sneaker clean by Sole Service


3. Colourful handbags

The summer sun warms and provides endless fun, but it can wreak havoc on your beautiful handbag colours and exteriors. 

Re-edging worn handles protects leather and gives strength to last another season. Or, have a full renewal with colour and leather restoration. Perhaps your summer bag collection simply needs a special clean for a new-season reset. We have developed specialist techniques to clean all materials and meticulously clean interior and exterior.

Louis Vuitton Dye removal Sole Service


5. Heels

After being in hibernation over lockdown, your favourite heeled sandals are long overdue their moment in the sun.

Rather than buying a new pair, simply reheeling, resoling or cleaning can renew the life of your favourite heels. If you’ve just bought a new pair of heeled sandals that you can’t wait to wear, make sure they’re fully prepared for a summer of partying ahead. The savviest of shoe-lovers add rubber protective soles to their shoes before they even leave the house. This adds a gripping surface and protects the leather so reduces rate of wear.

Protective Topy Sole by Sole Service

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