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Sole Service is here...Kick up your heels ladies and gents of Australia because Sole Service has arrived and with them they’re bringing a new twist on the old-school cobbler!  Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that are lacking in lustre? Perhaps your soles are worn out, you’ve snapped a heel, the pins are showing, the zipper on your boots is broken or they just need a good clean and polish?  DON’T THROW THOSE SHOES AWAY…no, no, no! Forget about spending hundreds of your hard earned dollars purchasing a new pair of shoes, because for a fraction of that...

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Our fix of the week has to be a recent cry out from a lovely lady who loved her boots so much she wore the soles right through. Black suede mid length boots were scuffed, soles cracked and worn to paper thin. Before  “Can you fix my favourite boots”? Yes we can and yes we did, we completely re soled both her boots and repaired the scuffs. They look fantastic and sure to last many more winters. Resoling your shoes is a cosy effective way to keep wearing your loved shoes, your feet have already broken in the boots or...

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We have scouted all over the web to find the best leather boot buys for under $100 currently available and ready to get you through winter 2016. Enjoy and please you do not have to thanks us... Sara Boot Stone Python $89.95 - Versatile and stylish, this leather ankle boot can be dressed up or down. Easy to slip-on, add a wild reptilian element to denim, pants or textured leggings. Ophelia Opal from Sofia Cruz $99.98 - Boot refresh! This sumptuous, burnished leather ankle boot with tassel trim epitomizes casual style. Lend some edge to your casual look by pairing with leggings and contrast...

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We know the favourite pair of shoes you need reheeled and never have enough time to get done is inhibiting your fashion flair. Shoes are a wardrobe investment, simple care, and regular repairs can save you spending hundreds of dollars on replacing.  

Repair don't replace. 

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