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The old-school cobbler with a new twist in Australia!

Sole Service is here...

Kick up your heels ladies and gents of Australia because Sole Service has arrived and with them they’re bringing a new twist on the old-school cobbler! 

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that are lacking in lustre? Perhaps your soles are worn out, you’ve snapped a heel, the pins are showing, the zipper on your boots is broken or they just need a good clean and polish?  DON’T THROW THOSE SHOES AWAY…no, no, no!

Forget about spending hundreds of your hard earned dollars purchasing a new pair of shoes, because for a fraction of that cost you can have your shoes repaired or revamped from the amazing team at Sole Service.

 Here’s the twist….

Okay, so we all know that we can get our shoes repaired by a cobbler – but will the cobbler that you find pick-up, repair your shoes, and then drop them back to you? I’m going to say the answer here is NO, unless you’ve been a smarty pants and contacted the friendly team at Sole Service!

 Australia's FIRST pick-up and delivery handbag and shoe repair service

Sole Service is bringing you a convenient, new way of getting your shoes repaired in Australia with their FREE shoe pick-up and delivery service across the Australia. 

All you need to do is place your shoe repair order via their website and Sole Service will come and collect your shoes, take them to their reputable cobbler for repair, cleaning, stretching, dying (whatever you need, they cover it all!) and then they’ll return to the original pick-up location. 

Sole Service can also repair your handbag too.  Handbags are not always cheap, so make the most of the one you have ladies with the help from Sole Service.

What if you’re not in the CBD?

If you don’t live or work in the CBD this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on this convenient door-to-door shoe repair service.  Sole Service also provides a postal method of shoe repair for our regional friends – can I hear a hallelujah!?

Even if you are in rural Australia Sole Service can assist to have your old, worn out shoes looking new again once more.  They’ll send you out a pre-paid and pre-addressed postage satchel for you to easily post them your shoes for a prompt repair and then they’ll post them back to you. 

If you don’t drive, don’t have a local cobbler, or just don’t have the time to get to your shoes to the cobbler, let alone remember to pick them up again, then you need to check out Sole Service. 

When I first heard about Sole Service – my first thought was ‘how much is this going to cost me?’ but I was blown away by their extremely affordable pricing.

Save your money and keep your favourite shoes, or handbags, looking brand new with the help of Sole Service in Australia, all without having to leave your home or office!

See what handbag and shoe services they provide here

 Article by B Hendry of Fourth Hen Creative 

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