Before and After RM Williams repair

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Before and After RM Williams repair

RM Williams repair “If you make something good, people will make a track to your door. We made simple things that people wanted and kept them simple”. 
RM Williams 
RM Williams full leather resole and reheel Sole Service

RM Williams full leather resole and new heel block 

To keep your RM Williams working as hard as you do, repairs are a required part of your boots life. As quality boot makers we can redress the leather upper, replace the elastics, the tugs and resole/heel them in your choice of leather or rubber. Our cobbler is an expert in RM Williams boots and shoes with over 25 years in the industry you can rest assured of a quality repair every time.

We service RM Williams shoes Australia wide; RM Williams Melbourne, RM Williams Adelaide, RM Williams Sydney, RM Williams Perth, RM Williams Brisbane, RM Williams Darwin, RM Williams Alice Springs, RM Williams Hobart. We also service regional areas all via courier at no additional charge. Making our RM Williams repair service affordable and allowing Australians to take advantage of our expert RM Williams repairs no matter where you live.

Simply select your repair type and you will be booked in to have a Sole Service courier collection arranged from your door. Your RM Williams are then repaired and returned to you at no additional charge. Complimentary delivery is a courtesy service we are proud to provide our customers. 

Below you will see examples of the work we have completed;

RM Williams before and after
Replaced rubber sole with the full leather sole and new rubber heel

RM Williams before and after, full leather sole and reheel

RM Williams before and after. 
Replaced elastic gussets

rm-williams-boot-replace-elastics gussets

RM Williams before and after.
Received new half leather resole and reheel 
RM Williams leather resole and heel before and after

RM Williams Campers before and after
Received Full rubber resole  
Clean and polish
RM Wiilliams campers resole and restoration before and after

RM Williams before and after
Before RM Williams Boot repair - Worn soles and dirty
Before RM Williams boot repairAfter RM Willism repair
Before rubber soles worn and damaged RM WilliamsAfter half sole and new heel in rubber

This pair of 19-year-old RM Williams are their owner's pride and joy. 
Received Full leather soles and reheel
Clean and polish
RM Williams full leather resole and re heel RM Williams restoration repairBefore RM Williams reheel and restorationAfter RM Williams re heel

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