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Blundstone restoration

Before and After - Our customers Blundstones soles were disintegrating, we replaced the sole and provided a complimentary clean, polish, and leather condition. 

Sole Service specialises in the resole of Blundstone boots and shoes. It is one of our most popular repair services. 

A Blundstone sole replacement includes:

We remove your damaged Blundstone soles and replace them with heavy-duty, non-slip soles, carefully secured to the upper. We do not recommend "just gluing the sole back on" as once a sole starts to come away from the upper, it will continue to do so and we feel to replace the sole the first time, saves you time and money on repeated repairs.

Our Blundstone resole will provide you with better traction to prevent slipping, water protection  - our rubber soles don’t soak through or get damaged by water.
Perfect for tradespeople.

Customer review:

"I received my repaired Blundstone boots back last week and am very pleased with them. They look better than new!"
Sole Service customer, Graeme, August 2020 

Before and After 
Sole Service Blundstone resole repair. Before and After

Sole Service can also restore the rest of your shoe or boot too. Damaged, worn, or missing parts can be replaced. Our highly trained craftspeople can replace stitching and return your shoes to like-new condition.

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