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Gucci Ace sneaker clean

Professional sneaker cleaning  by Sole Service


Our recent Premium Sneaker Clean of Gucci Ace sneakers was a great result and the perfect example where conventional cleaning at home is no longer enough.

When you invest in designer leather sneakers, proper handling of the different materials can be a major problem. If you don't know exactly how to proceed, you can scratch the shoe, the leather or make other expensive mistakes.

Seek the services of a professional shoe restoration company such as Sole Service with experience on board  and experience in professional cleaning of your sneakers you will feel assured of a great result.

Premium Sneaker clean by Sole Service 


Sole Service specialises in the washing, cleaning and leather repair of sneakers and also offers other services such as sole replacement and innersole replacement. Your sneakers are in good hands, as the team of sneaker cleaners have a love of vintage and current makes of sneakers and know how to deal with the treasured sneakers of others.

Care for your sneakers:
In between a professional sneaker clean, always try brush off loose dirt, lightly wipe with a damp soft cloth and store them correctly in a dry safe place.

Premium Sneaker Clean -  includes pick up and return to your door Australia wide
* Deep clean Upper
* Midsole
* Outsole
* Deodorise/Disinfect
* Laces
* ULTRA Spray


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