Dog Chewed shoes, Valentino Rockstuds -

My Dog Chewed my Valentino Rockstuds - Before and After restoration

Having a dog is one of life's pleasures, the companionship, the cuddles, and unconditional love.... however your puppy also feels these warm and fuzzies about your designer shoes.

Our client came to us with a pair of Valentino Rockstud sandals that her beautiful dog had chewed.

We arranged a courier to collect the Valentinos from Queensland. Once they arrived at our workshop we assessed the damage.         

Dog chewed Valentino Rockstud Before photo - Sole Service Dog chewed Valentino Rockstud Before photo - Sole Service


We set to work rebuilding the sandals by fitting new rubber soles and building up the chewed toe section. As the results show we were able to match the metallic leather lining and the damage is invisible. 


Sole Service Valentino Rockstud restoration photoSole Service Valentino Rockstud restoration photo

A great job by the talented restoration experts in the Sole Service team.

If you have experienced damage to your shoes, please send us a quotation request and let us help to restore your favourite shoes or handbag to their former glory. 

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