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Dog Ate Your Shoes? – Sole Service Before & After

Find out how we salvaged a dog lovers heels after her pet got the better of them. 

After reading this we hope we get you thinking about that pair of shoes in the back of your wardrobe you had to hide as they are to painful to see.

These velvet heels had only been worn a few times before and had lots of life to live.

Sole Service Heel wrap - The dog ate my shoes


Usually when this type of "accident" occurs first instinct is to take the ‘remains’ of your shoes out to the rubbish bin. Unbeknownst to most, cobblers like Sole Service can restore. So if you decided to hold on to that favourite pair of heels that your pup destroyed -  get the shoes repaired.

Sole Service can provide a quick diagnosis via text message 0488 386 580 or email before you send in your heels.

Sole Service Heel wrap - The dog ate my shoes

A typical text we receive is along the lines of: ‘My dog completely destroyed these shoes. I just need to know if it's even realistic or possible to fix.’

Sole Service will respond to you promptly with the solution. Heel wraps usually take a little longer in processing time due to the work involved.

Sole Service will provide you with regular updates and email you when the shoes are completed. 

Sole Service Heel wrap - The dog ate my shoes

As you can imagine customers are blown away by the restoration quality we can achieve, as these pictures show. In most cases, "Sole Service are able to repair the un-repairable.” 

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