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Ugg Boot Sole Replacement Before and After

Ugg Boot sole replacement before and after Sole Service

Ugg Boot Repair

This Ugg boot lover was not ready to say goodbye to her boots, and so she shouldn't....

Don’t throw away your old Uggs, if you have invested hundreds of dollars in good quality Uggs repair, don't replace.

Get your boots repaired, rather than splashing out on a new pair.

Sole Service will ship in your old pair off Ugg boots from anywhere in Australia at no charge, remove the old worn out sole and fit a great quality full rubber sole. 

The soles we fit will ensure years of wear for your beloved boots. Fit by hand with great attention to detail. This quality of repair you will not find at your corner street cobbler. Our shoe repairs are completed by a shoe designer with 25 years experience. 



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