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status anxiety zip repair -

Our customer's Status Anxiety. handbag zipper broke while she was at the checkout. The only option she had was to rip open her bag to access her purse. See the before and after photos, we restitched the leather and fixed the zipper.  To book in your handbag for zip repair please click the following link    

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Rm Williams, RM Williams Before and After phoots, RM Williams repair -

To keep your RM Williams working as hard as you do, repairs are a required part of your boots life. As quality boot makers we can redress the leather upper, replace the elastics, the tugs and resole / heel them in your choice of leather or rubber.

Our cobbler is an expert in RM Williams boots and shoes with over 25 years in the industry you can rest assured of a quality repair every time.

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ugg boot repair, Ugg Boots -

Don’t throw away your old Uggs, if you have invested hundreds of dollars in good quality Uggs repair, don't replace.

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handbag cleaning, Louis vuitton -

Sole Service Louis Vuitton Handbag clean and restoration. This week we took on a big challenge, cleaning a 10-year-old Louis Vuitton handbag.
This designer handbag had been lovingly used daily by its owner and contained many ink stains, liquid stains, and dirty marks embedded into the lining.

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Dog chewed shoe, heel wrap, shoe repair -

Dog Ate Your Shoes? – Sole Service Before & After. Find out how we salvaged a dog lovers heels after her pet got the better of them.  
After reading this we hope we get you thinking about that pair of shoes in the back of your wardrobe you had to hide as they are too painful to see.

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