Can I resole Blundstone boots?

Can I resole Blundstone boots?

Sole Service is Australia's favourite online cobbler we are highly skilled and qualified to repair your Blundstone Boots successfully. ... We carry a range of different Vibram soles, specially made for Blundstone boots, depending on the use, wear, and condition of your boots.

We can resole your boots in a heavy-duty, water-resistant sole perfect for tough work use. By resoling, you will ensure longevity and retain comfort.

Simply send a quote request and we will advise the best way to repair your Blundstone boots.

We offer complimentary pick-up and return to your home or place of work Australia wide.


  • Greg Gillett

    I am wondering the cost of a resole for a pair of size 8 Blundstone boots.? Im in NSW
    Also are you able to resole Doc Martin boots?
    Also Converse ankle high gym Boots?

  • Theuns Wessels

    Where can I get soles to resole my Blundstones 500’s

  • Damien

    Hi Blundstone,
    Live in Magill SA, have a pair of Blundstone work boots that I use at home and live, but the sole has started go to pieces. (Still tread etc just coming apart, I suspect from plenty of yard work over the lock down period). Please send a quote/location where I can get the sole replaced. Many thanks DV 0448840088

  • Robert Ramsdell

    Resole and stretch, blundstone 500? Like an aggressive vibram sole

  • Robert Ramsdell

    Blundstones 500 like new leather about 10yrs old, but rubber sole is falling apart, can l get then repaired and slightly stretched and resolved?

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