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Save my Sole - Louboutin Topy protective sole

WE PROTECT THOSE WE LOVE........ If you love your Louboutin........

Shoes are an investment and deserve care and love from the day you open the box. There is much dispute about whether to Topy or not to Topy? In our opinion, why would you not invest in your investment, add a Topy sole from the start to protect, add comfort and ensure your shoes longevity.  

As we see time after time, the pointier the shoe the quicker the sole gets destroyed, especially around the toe. The most common shoe mistake people make is wearing their shoes until they have completely damaged the soles, then getting them repaired.

Why not be proactive? Make it a habit to have your new Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Channel or Valentino heels fitted with a Topy Sole before you wear...if you don't, 
your shoes will end up looking terrible in no time.

Topy Protection Soles are a very thin and tough rubber soles that comes in a number of different colours. We match the correct colour Topy to the shoes original sole colour. Red soles for the famous Christian Louboutin, beige Topy for Valentino etc

Here is a badly damaged pair of Louboutin fitted with new heel tips and red Topy Sole 
At Sole Service we can fit a Topy and we offer a full cobbler concierge service Australia wide.

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