Retail Partnership Information - Garment Alterations

Sole Service provides retailers of men's and women's designer apparel a high-quality alteration service at a competitive price. Our alteration services are professional and convenient.

Sole Service white-label alterations result in your customers enjoying;   

  • Superior customer experience through fast turn-around and seamless service. 
  • Quality garment alterations through our highly-experienced alteration specialists.
  • Convenient collection and return through your retail outlets.
  • Online booking and freight system. 


Sole Service tailor each relationship working closely with Operations, Marketing, and Product team members ensuring we remain a trusted and reliable resource.

Partnering with Sole Service also helps directly through; 

  • Opportunity to include current brand material with repaired product returns. 
  • Increased store traffic. 
  • Single touch-point booking system that is easy for employees to use, quotations and logistics are all handled by our team. 
  • Value-add and extend customer relationship beyond the initial purchase. 

We know your customers greatly appreciate the convenient and efficient service we offer, and the premium-quality alterations we carry out on their favourite apparel. 

We would like the opportunity to discuss how our service will enhance your customers’ experience with your brand. 

Please send us an expression of interest and we will be in touch.