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Request Sole Service Quotation HERE -  As all purse and handbag clean requirements are different we prefer to provide individual quotes per job.

The leather surfaces of handbags and purses are easily scuffed, cracked or otherwise damaged.  Sole Service offers professional cleaning and disinfection of leather handbags, purs, s and accessories.

Sole Service is able to clean materials including Fabric, Satin, Suede, Patent Leather, Vachetta Leather, Canvas, Patent Canvas, Nubuck, Velvet, and Nylon, and we have particular experience with luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton.

Sole Service uses specialist eco-friendly products and gentle but powerful treatment methods to get your favourite handbags and accessories looking great, smelling fresh, and back to their former selves.

We recommend a good clean once every 6 months for heavily used items, and once a year for rarely used items. You’ll be amazed at what a professional clean can do for your old leather goods.

Our Sole Service professional handbag craftsmen take pride in their work to achieve the best result by using the most appropriate methods without harming the material, even if they have to work on the same article over and over again.

Feel confident in a great result.

Please note: Total stain removal is not guaranteed, persistent stains on a beloved item which goes through the cleaning process may not be totally removed for all types of material. Please take note of the difference between cleaning & our Handbag stain removal and colour touch up service

Odour Removal may take up to 2 weeks depending on the condition. Odour may not be totally removed after disinfection upon serious condition.

Metal Polish service apply to dull and tarnished metal and can be buffed and shined to bring them back to a ‘fresh look’ condition.

Please email us: contact@soleservice.com.au or text us: 0488 386 580 with pictures of your handbag. We will happily provide a free quote to bring your favourite handbag back to amazing.

 Price includes free door to door shipping Australia wide

Customer Review:

"Miracle workers! - Just got home to my bag and boots... phenomenal job. Looking at the before photos I was reminded of how bad it was. My bag looks sensational and my boots do too. Thank you so much" 


1)  Add the repair/s to your shopping cart.

2)  Pay for your order and advise us of your preferred shipping address at home, at work etc

3)  Once the order is received we'll send you a shipping label to your email address or a prepaid satchel (if access is an issue) and advise you of the collection date and details.

Once we receive your items, our cobblers will assess + repair. We then ship back to you and advise you of return tracking information.

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