Men's half sole and heel repair in rubber

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A new half sole and heel in rubber will revitalise your shoes they will feel brand new and you do not have to break them in. A new half sole and heel will provide years more wear.

Why repair your men’s shoes with Sole Service? Well, there are many good reasons... firstly our premium workmanship and care with every shoe, secondly a resole and reheel is half the cost of new footwear, thirdly is the comfort.  If you’ve got a pair of shoes that fit – like a glove – or that make you feel like a million dollars, then repair them instead of hoping and praying that the replacement will look and feel just as good.

With our simple online booking feature and door to door delivery Australia wide, there has never been an easier way to have your shoes repaired.

The friendly team at Sole Service will arrange to collect your shoes via courier and postage satchel, reheel and re sole then return them to your door.