R.M. Williams Boot Repair | Full Leather Sole & Heel Replacement

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R.M. Williams Boot Repairs | Full leather sole replacement and reheel

R.M. Williams boots are famous for their durability and recognised globally for their unmistakable iconic style.  As with any item, the time may come where your R.M. Williams boots require a repair or restoration.

Should the heel and sole of your R.M. Williams boots no longer support how they used to, Sole Service can rescue your boots.  

Repair at a fraction of the cost, rather than replace, without having to leave your home or office.

Sole Service - your personal concierge cobbler

Our practiced cobbler, a shoe designer by trade, has over 25 years’ experience and completes a work-by-hand traditional R.M. Williams boot repair method.  Expertly renewing your favourite boots that you’ve spent years moulding to your own feet.

  • The damaged heel and sole will be removed.
  • A new sole, cut from top-quality leather, will be laid along the full length of the boot and hand-stitched into place.
  • The new heel is then replaced on top of the new sole.

Your refurbished R.M. Williams boots will then be delivered back to your door, as good as new.

Use the simple online booking service below and let Sole Service take care of the rest.

Free door-to-door shipping on our R.M. Williams full leather sole replacement and reheel service

Put your feet up and relax, with Sole Service we make it easy to have your R.M. Williams boots expertly restored with our free door-to-door shoe repair service, Australia wide, including all regional areas.

Other R.M. Williams Boot Repair Services

Are either the soles or heels still in good condition? Excellent.  You can also choose either a full or half leather R.M. Williams sole replacement, or a heel replacement only.