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R.M. Williams Boot Repairs | Tug Replacement Service

R.M. Williams tugs are not only important for pulling your boots on, they’re a trademark of that classic R.M. Williams style. If your R.M. Williams tugs have frayed or broken, Sole Service can skilfully restore with our tug replacement service.

R.M. Williams Tug Repair service. Price includes door-to-door shipping, Australia-wide, including all regional areas.

We will collect your R.M. Williams boots and our in-house cobbler will employ expert hand-craftsmanship to remove the old tugs before carefully hand-stitching brand new ones to the leather.

  • One set of two (2) tugs $55 - two tugs per boot replaced

Sole Service will restore that iconic R.M. Williams look to your boots and return directly to your home or office.

Our R.M. Williams boot tug replacement service is easy to organise, simply follow the steps below.

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