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If someone else could walk a mile in your shoes, would they complain about the draft from the hole that’s developed? Or would they walk crookedly because the heel was worn out? Whether you’re traipsing through a national forest, out delivering mail, or outside building a house our boots protect us from foreign objects and keep us warm and dry during inclement weather. So, when your hiking boots have some damage, your instinct might be to throw your old pair out, but it’s easier than you think to repair boots and shoes that seem completely worn out.

In our latest blog, we have put together a range of repairs and damage we can fix. Take a look and you may be surprised that we can repair over replace in many scenarios. If repairing your boots like new is half the cost of replacing them why wouldn't you? Save your boots from landfill, return the comfort you have spent hours creating and get years more life out of your hiking boots. Read more here.

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It's that time of year where we all want to get out and enjoy the beautiful trails in our area. Especially because of the pandemic and the constant lockdowns - everyone is itching to get out! And, if you're like us, this means taking your favourite pair of hiking boots with you. Unfortunately, boots take a beating on the trails and can easily become damaged, soles lift, uppers rip...and the hiking boot rubber soles even disintegrate. All of these issues and more are repairable at Sole Service. Repair over replace! We will have your favourite, comfy hiking boots ready and...

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