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Make Your Shoes Last

Apart from forming a really good relationship with your cobbler (buy us coffee often), there are a few tips to ensure you get a long-lasting relationship with your shoes. 

1. Put your shoes back in their boxes. Every night.

If you care about your shoes—like really, really care—keep their respective boxes and place them inside after each wear. Stuff the toes with the tissue they came with. Do not allow them to touch each other—they need their space.

What's that, you say? You don't have the time? You don't have space? Ignore your shoes, then—but don't expect them to look nearly as nice as they could.

2. Get soled.

If you're investing in a pair of shoes, you want them to last. Putting a new sole on the shoe is a great way to make sure they do—and it's much cheaper than replacing your pumps every year or two.

A Topy sole is a great option as they protect the sole, help to prevent toe scuffing and it is cost effective to replace just the Topy sole over the shoes.

At Sole Service we specialise in a high-shine protective topy sole in Louboutin red, Chanel beige and Balenciaga black - Read more about High-shine protective topy soles

Louboutin ladies and mens before Louboutin ladies and mens after

3. Get a dye job.

Your cobbler can give your shoes a dye job. You know how you feel bulletproof when you leave the salon with a fresh hue? Your shoes deserve that, too.

4. Fix problems immediately.

Those beloved shoes I mentioned earlier? Say the heel splits in half, do not throw them out. Even if you think they are goners here at Sole Service we are able to help renew them.

Remember - Stains deepen, breaks widen, soles become irreparably uneven. Acting fast is key.

5. Take your cobbler out to dinner.

Okay, maybe not out to dinner... but be friends with your cobbler.

We learn about you and your shoes and the way you wear them and the repairs required.

Use the same cobbler over and over again That way, when your favorite heel splits in half we will be there.

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