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Handbag strap repair

Strap Usage & Fitment Guide

Choosing the right strap for your bag is important...that's why we created this guide for you!

When selecting your strap, it's important to consider the Length and Width because each has their own characteristics which change the look, comfort, and way you carry your bag.

Choosing a Strap Length

The strap length is measured from one end to the other, including the attachable hooks/hardware. Please note that "strap length" is different from "drop length" which measures the distance from the top of the strap to the top of the bag, when being worn. We measure all straps by their length (from end-to-end) because the drop length depends on the type of bag, what type of clothing you're wearing (a heavy coat for example), your height, the position the bag is worn and so forth. By using the end-to-end length method, you can select the length that works best for your personal needs. 

The standard strap lengths listed below should work for most, however, we've found that it's really a personal preference. Only you know the strap length that makes carrying your bag comfortable and a pleasure. 

To determine the length of strap you need, we recommend using a piece of string attached to your bag and adjust until the length is just right. Measure the string from end-to-end to determine your strap length. Another method that often works well is to find another handbag you have that has the strap length you're looking to replicate. If possible, attach it to the handbag to see if it will work for the length you'd like to achieve. 

We categorize handbag straps into 7 typical uses and lengths:

  1. Short Handle (30cm to 50cm)
  2. Shoulder (75cm)
  3. Long Shoulder (100cm)
  4. Crossbody (130cm)
  5. Extra Long (152cm)
  6. Adjustable (55 to 150cm)

Please note: Most straps are available for custom order at lengths to fit your exact needs. 


Short Handle Straps (30cm to 50cm)

Short handle straps are used to carry handbags either as a top-handle (carried with your hand or over your arm), or, as a tight-fitting hobo-style strap. If you're a petite person, a short strap may work well to hold your bag tightly under your arm.

Keep in mind, when attaching a short handle strap to a hobo style handbag, the weight of the bag will change the shape of the bag and increase the drop length quite a bit, sometimes double, so be sure to test this on your handbag.

Shoulder Straps (75cm)

Shoulder straps are generally in the 75cm range and are typically used to carry bags closely under your arm and close to your body. This is a popular length because the strap can also function as a top-handle for other bag styles, such as a tote. Many people like this length because it allows you to hold the handbag by the handle while you carry it on your shoulder, yet you are allowed to let go and be hands-free while shopping.

The beauty of our detachable/attachable straps is that you're free to carry your bag any way you want. Simply attach the strap of your choice and go!

Long Shoulder Straps (100cm)

Longer shoulder straps are generally in the 100cm range and allow your bag to hang down near your hip when worn over your shoulder (depending on how tall you are, of course). For the petite person, this length can often be used to wear your bag across your body, or often referred to as the "cross body" position.

When using as a cross body strap, this will have the top of your handbag sitting near your waist, depending on your height, weight, and clothing.

Crossbody Straps (130cm)

Crossbody (or sometimes called "across the body") straps are generally in the 130cm range. This type of strap allows your bag to be worn securely over your head so that the strap rests on your shoulder and the bag crosses your chest then sits around your hip area on the opposite side of your body (see picture).

This style is very popular because it allows your bag to be worn securely (in busy areas, while commuting or vacationing, etc), frees up your hands (to carry groceries, shopping bags, or even Baby!), and generally, provides the most comfort. Even if your bag wasn't designed for cross body wear, it's usually possible to convert it using a longer, attachable crossbody strap.

Extra Long Straps (152cm)

Extra long straps have many uses and are a great choice if you're a tall or plus-size person, wear heavy clothing like a winter jacket, or prefer a low-hanging bag. This longer length is designed to provide a similar drop-length as our crossbody straps, but for those that fall into the scenarios just mentioned.

 Adjustable Straps (55 to 150cm)

Adjustable straps offer the ultimate in flexibility. Our adjustable straps come in two forms: with our popular "punched holes and a buckle" that have fixed adjustable lengths.

Adjustable straps range in lengths from 55 - 150cm. Many customers elect for the 150cm  adjustable strap because its range can be changed quickly.

With an adjustable strap by Sole Service, you have the freedom to carry or wear your bag exactly the way you want. On your shoulder hanging low to your hip, across your body, or tightly under your arm. 

Choosing a Strap Width

The strap width is the portion of the strap that rests on your shoulder or in your hand (if used as a "top handle"). Generally speaking, the larger the strap width, the heavier a bag that can be supported. This is because the contact area of the strap increases as the strap width increases, which allows for improved weight distribution and comfort. 

Also interesting to note, a skinnier strap usually "sticks" on your shoulder better, helping to prevent your bag from slipping or falling off. As a rule of thumb, smaller bags generally use smaller width straps, and larger bags generally use larger width straps.

So the challenge becomes finding the right balance between usefulness (do I need to carry a large and heavy bag, or small and light weight bag?), comfort (will I be carrying the bag for extended periods of time and does it fit my body?) and look (does the strap look balanced with my bag?).

We categorize handbag straps into 6 widths:

  1. Extra Petite  1cm
  2. Petite Width Straps 1.5cm
  3. Standard Width Straps 2 cm
  4. Classic Width Straps 2.5cm
  5. Wide Width Straps 4 cm 

Extra Petite 1 cm approx

An extra petite or drawstring strap is great for a minimal look on small bags. Drawstring straps do not come with attachable hooks (extra petite do, however) because they're designed to be knotted at the ends (and looped into or through your bag's existing grommets), or, used on a bag with a traditional drawstring closure (such as the LV Noe bag).

Petite Width Straps 1.5cm approx

Petite straps are great for smaller bags, clutches, mini messengers, wallets or if you're seeking a petite or minimal visual look with your handbag. Petite straps tend to stay on your shoulder with less slippage. For bags that carry a lot of weight, try our "Classic" or "Wide" straps.

Standard Width Straps  2cm approx

Standard width straps provide good carrying capacity for small to medium sized bags, and offer a good balance between the minimal look of a "Petite" strap and the wider/larger look of a "Classic" strap. These straps are comfortable to wear and are double-stitched to provide good carrying strength.

Classic Width Straps 2.5cm approx

Classic width straps provide great comfort and carrying capacity for medium to large size handbags and purses of all types. This is our most popular selling width and can carry heavier bags with ease.

Wide Width Straps 4cm approx

Wide width straps offer excellent strength and comfort for large shoulder bags, briefcases, diaper, camera or travel bags. These straps are great for carrying a lot of weight because they distribute the weight of the bag, easing stress on your shoulder.

Handbag handle placement options;

Sole Service handbag handle palcement guide
Option 1: Side Placement

Option 2: Middle Placement


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