Sole Service now featuring Facebook Messenger

Sole Service has now made it even easier to communicate with is valued customers by introducing Facebook messenger to its mobile and desktop sites. Now when you visit you will notice the "message us" button in the bottom right hand corner.

Make enquiries where ever and whenever you like, easy and free communication with our team means an even better customer experience. We are loving the new feature and we know you will too.

The new messaging function does pretty much exactly what you expect. Customers can send messages directly from their Facebook inbox and they’ll show up via Facebook Messenger or the desktop chat interface.

A customer can now place a shoe repair service order on our site, and then immediately make a correction via Messenger. Customers can directly ask questions about items or provide feedback. We love a bit of good feedback…

Of course, our customers could already do that via our Facebook Page, but people googling a business are much more likely to turn to our main website than our Facebook page.

Likewise, you can probably just call or email too, but many people will prefer the immediacy and personal interaction offered with our new chat, all on a platform you are familiar with using.

We would love to know if you love our new chat feature, leave a comment below. 



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