We are still operating through Coronavirus....

To all our valued clients - We are still here, we are still operating. Current work is being completed and new orders are being accepted. We are a non-physical service, booking is completed online via email, messenger or text. The collection is via a courier and brought to our workshop.

We have our workshop and administration staff separated, disinfecting and not in contact with the public.

Couriers are picking up from your doorstep and have safety measures in place to respect social distancing rules. As long as freight is available Australia wide, we are here.

If you are in a position to have your handbag and shoes repaired during this time, please do as we would love to keep supporting our staff, suppliers, and couriers as long as we can.

Please stay safe.XXX #letsgetthroughthis #stopcoaronavirus


we are operating through coronavirus


View our Ugg Boot restoration. Click for before and after photos 

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