Louis Vuitton repair by Sole Service

Louis Vuitton colour change

Our lovely clients three year old daughter decided to draw mummy a picture in permanent texta.. This little Louis Vuitton was taken from orange and scribble to a striking black. 

Handbag colour change:
A full colour change service. This can include dying for patent/vernis or suede and pigment coating to leathers. We recommend changing light colours to dark colours for the best results.

All leathers are sealed with a top coat. Dyes will not transfer or rub off. We would recommend an annual maintenance check for your item after a colour change.

It will still be prone to wear and tear just like the original leather.

Louis Vuitton colour change by Sole ServiceLouis Vuitton colour chanage by Sole Service

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Louis Vuitton Zip replacement

Louis Vuitton Zip replacement by Sole Service