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We are Adelaide's only handbag restoration and repair service. Located in beautiful Somerton Park, South Australia we are proud to offer our premium service to our Adelaide clients.

Sole Service is a trusted handbag repairer of luxury brands and has been servicing clients in Adelaide and Australia-wide for the last decade. Why send your bag to Melbourne or Sydney when you can come in and have a personal consultation with the beautiful girls at Sole Service Adelaide?


If you are busy at home or stuck at work why not complete an online consultation or send us a quote request via email? Sole Service provide high-quality leather handbag repairs and restorations, online delivery and personalised service to our SA clients.



There are times when an expert is needed to complete a handbag clean as off the shelf cleaning products will not get the job done. In some cases, they will make the problem worse as some leathers needed to be treated by professionals like Sole Service that specialises in leather handbag cleaning. If you have already used a leather handbag cleaner at home with no real visible results, we can still help. Our expert handbag restorers specialise in cleaning all kinds of leather and they have years of experience, so you can rest assured that your leather goods will always be in trusted hands with Sole Service.


Cleaning a fabric handbag has to be done carefully and delicately. The Sole Service team will assess the damage and then formulate the best cleaning technique and use of safe products to suit. Sole Service knows that taking time with Fabric handbag cleaning is key, sometimes the cleaning consists of repeated labour procedures to wash away stains such as jeans stains, pen marks or pet urine through deep cleaning and proper drying. Excessive cleaning agents and liquid used can cause stiffness and creases. Our stain removal process is completed with care at all times.


Sole Service not only works with leather and fabric material we are also one of the most skilled and experienced teams in Adelaide when it comes to cleaning all types of Suede and Nubuck handbags.  Nubuck and suede handbag cleaning requires a lot of patience and attention to detail during the process to remove marks and stains. It is not as simple as giving it a good scrub and it is important to test the cleaning method in an inconspicuous area before carefully cleaning the whole bag.
We clean all types of leather, canvas, suede, fabric, nubuck and vachetta leather uses gentle products and professional techniques.


Removing an ink stain from the interior lining of a handbag can be one of the most difficult tasks we undertake at Sole Service. It takes time and gentle technique. We have spent years perfecting our ink removal process to reduce the stain as much as possible, at the same time, without damaging the precious material. We can remove ink stains from all types of leather, however, the result on suede and fabric might vary depending on the exact situation. Feel free to discuss with the Sole Service team before we commence to ensure you feel comfortable about the process and the outcome.


Water stains are a part of any handbag owner's life and they are impossible to avoid unless you have your bag professionally waterproofed. If you have not done that, it could easily leave a nasty mark on the most obvious area of your handbag. We always recommend having your handbag professional sprayed by Sole Service as soon as you purchase. Our waterproofing treatment lasts up to 2 years!

Removing a water stain requires stain removal knowledge and skills, our expert team always strive to produce the best result and at the same time, maintain the touch and feel of the leather. 

Please note that we are also able to remove coloured drinks stains, perfume stains, food stains, hand sanitiser stain, grease/darken handles and many more.


Adelaide can get humid, you may think your handbag is safe from mould and dampness but if they are not appropriately stored humidity can creep in causing mould. Sole Service has an excellent mould removal team, our results are tried and tested over years of successful mould removal handbag projects and we have specialised products to complete mould removal on all types of leather and fabrics.
The Sole Service technicians will thoroughly clean the bag to remove all the excess mould and then apply disinfection treatment to eliminate the mould spores and prevent them from returning. Mould does not mean the end of your designer handbag life, Sole Service has been helping Adelaide clients eliminate mould for years with excellent results.


We are the only all-female team of handbag-cleaning specialists in Australia and we are the leading handbag repairers working for consumers and for many of the leading fashion retailers.

Free Shipment & Returns: We cover transit insurance and our courier will return your bag(s) free of charge within Australia, hassle-free.

Trusted by designer brands: Recommended handbag Repairer by Furla.

Designer Brands Experts: Handbag & Shoe Repairer of Fendi, Bulgari, Versace, Longchamp, Michael Kors, Burberry and Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, YSL and Balenciaga.

Image by Alexi Romano

Please provide your restoration/cleaning requirements below and our friendly team will contact you via email with a personalised quote.

Thank you.


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