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Article by She Society - Meet The ‘Uber’ For Luxury Repairs Sole Service

Meet The ‘Uber’ For Luxury Repairs

December 21, 2017

Collector of all things luxury but too busy to make sure your pieces stay immaculate?

Meet your luxury lifesaver- Sole Service.

Dubbed as the ‘Uber’ for luxury shoes and handbags, Sole Services have just launched in Australia and offer a new spin on the traditional cobbler service.

Australia’s luxury shoe and handbag repair concierge is ready to rescue and rejuvenate your shoes and handbags. The luxury concierge service will collect your shoes from your home or office, repair them and deliver them safely back to you looking brand new.

Sole Service also cleans, restores and repairs designer handbags. From handbag straps to linings to leather and zips, handbags are returned to their owners in perfect condition.

Cobbler Tips for caring for shoes:

  1. Use Chux Magic Eraser on shoes and sports shoes. These miracle scrubbers are a saviour on light coloured shoe stains. Use the eraser as soon as you see the stain.The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get out.
  2. Put your shoes back in their box every night.
  3. Stuff toes with tissue and do not let them touch each other.
  4. Well shined shoes are essential to sharpen any outfit.
  5. Leather often needs to be cleaned professionally as it is highly absorbent. Leather shoes and handbags need to have dirt extracted, cleansed and then they have to be moisturised and softened.
  6. Remember – Stains deepen, breaks widen, soles become irreparably uneven. Acting fast is key.
  7. Get soled. If you’re investing in a pair of shoes, you want them to last. Putting a new sole on the shoe is a great way to make sure they do—and it’s much cheaper than replacing your pumps every year or two.