Boot Repair FAQ RM Williams - Sole Service

To keep your RM Williams in good condition they need a regular tune up

RM Wiliams are made to last and they are a true testament of Australian quality.  Sole Service sees boots over 25 years in age + and still wear their boots every single day.

Customers will state their boots are an extension of themselves, filled with memories and trusted toughness.  With everyday wear, you mold your boots to your foot and they get better and better. But even the best boots need to be maintained and when they are ready for a service, send them into Sole Service Australia for all your RM Williams boot repair needs. 

Sole Service has over 25 years of shoemaking experience, here are no QUICK FIXES at Sole Service. Every RM Williams repair is completed by hand using tried and tested techno=iques to ensure quality and a long lasting repair.

To keep your boots working as hard as you do, all you have to do is pick your repairs from the repair menu and our customer care team will book in a courier to collect your RM Wiliams anywhere in Australia at no charge. Depending on your repairs and location we aim to have your boots back to you in 7 - 10 days *Approximate time frame only, subject to change with notice