Shoes make the man

Shoes make the man

These days, with the encroachment of sneakers and sloppy standards generally, the business of polishing shoes correctly has almost become a lost art.

Not so at Sole Service, Adelaide's first online, mobile cobbler.

Sole Service are renowned for the exquisite and exotic polishing techniques developed over the years by the company's resident cobbler. 

 In the days when men’s shoes were made of leather and came in only three colours – black, more black, and brown for the country – the art of shoe-shining was widespread.

Having been forced to clean their shoes for school or in the military, most men knew the drill. And if they didn’t, they could always consult their valets.

Only in a handful of places has the tradition been kept alive: in the Army, in the grander hotels and, most ubiquitously, in the city, where almost every bank and law firm worth the name employs a professional shoe-shine company and if you  do not already, please give us a call. 

‘If you wear your shoes every day you really need a shine once a week. We use an eight-step process – it only costs only $22.50 and Sole Service pick and and deliver. 

‘It doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel better,’ agrees Craig Evan Sole Service founder.

‘When you go into a meeting, you do tend to notice other people’s shoes. And if your shoes have a higher shine than anyone else’s, that’s not only going to make you feel more comfortable but also powerful.’

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