Unleash a trove of affordable luxury with Modsie

Ask any self-confessed fashion addict about the latest Fashion Week and we can guarantee you’re in for a treat. From their favourite designs that strutted down the runway, to the outfits spotted in the front row, you’ll be given a crash course in couture. Forget delectable cuisine, all fashionista’s need to feel sustained is well executed clothes and immaculate style.

However, the sad reality is that whilst the fashion obsessed would love nothing better than an enviable closet, many of us don’t have the cha-ching to fuel this dream. Introducing Modsie, the online marketplace who exclusively sells pre-loved luxury pieces for up to 70% off their original retail price.

Established in 2015, Modsie caters to those who have a thirst for lovely, lush and luxe things. The first of its kind within Australia, the community can buy and sell authentic lust worthy pieces from fellow fashionista’s wardrobes.

Boasting a wide array of second hand couture for both men and women, you can choose between living lavishly with Fendi or making a Balmain impact. Simply discover affordable, quality additions for your closet, effortlessly. Plus, with its 48-hour delivery option on select pieces, you’ll never be left with nothing to wear again!

Do you have a beloved Chanel bag that you adore, yet it doesn’t suit your evolved personal style? Give a fellow user the opportunity to let your pieces shine to their full potential and get the wear they deserve. Selling is simple on the site, and with its effortless and quick upload time, it proves that Modsie caters to the modern muse.

In 2 ways you can upload your items for free on the site. Select the Classic Sale option to fill out the details of your product, snap a pictures and upload your listing to the site. Or if you’re short on time, allow the experts to take matters into their own hands. Through a simple request, you can ship your items for Consignment Sale. What’s more, a small commission of 20% on Classic Sale pieces and 30% on Consignment Sale items are only taken when your pieces are sold.

What sets Modsie apart from the pack is their passion for immaculate service and their fight against counterfeit. Thanks to their highly trained Quality Control team, every piece on the site is thoroughly inspected to ensure its legitimacy and condition. Shop with peace of mind with this in-depth procedure knowing that the ruby red soles on your newly purchased Louboutins are genuine.

Just like any boutique store, all Modsie payments are secure. Choose from debit, paypal and credit card to purchase the pieces you’ve fallen head over YSL heels for. Or if you are lusting over an item, yet can’t afford it straight away, the By Now Pay Later option is for you. With this method you can pay off your purchases in small weekly or monthly installments. 
What are you waiting for? Delve into a treasure trove of affordable luxury with Modsie today.

For more information and to start your designer wardrobe visit www.modsie.com.au and follow them on Facebook, Instagramand Twitter.

If you wish to have your designer shoes or handbag restored before selling send it to wwww.soleservice.com.au 

post by Fashion Weekly.