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Our clients Michael Kors handbag had been stained by ink and dirt. We removed the stain and provided a professional clean using trusted technique and products.   Great result. Book your handbag in NOWSole Service - your personal concierge cobbler Our practiced cobbler, a shoe designer by trade, has over 25 years’ experience and completes a work-by-hand traditional leather repair methods.  Expertly renewing your favourite boots, shoes and handbags, Put your feet up and relax, with Sole Service we make it easy to have your boots expertly restored with our free door-to-door shoe repair service, Australia wide, including all regional areas.


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Sole Service Louis Vuitton Handbag clean and restoration. This week we took on a big challenge, cleaning a 10-year-old Louis Vuitton handbag.
This designer handbag had been lovingly used daily by its owner and contained many ink stains, liquid stains, and dirty marks embedded into the lining.