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Image by Laura Chouette


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We all take our lipstick and make-up in our handbags to complete touch-ups as the night continues. We hear this a lot "The lid on my lipstick came off, leaving my handbag lining covered in red smears. The bag is an investment. How do I save it?".

Firstly - do not Google home remedies to remove the stain, you will end up making it worse and leave permanent stains, tears or discolour your handbag leather/lining. You need a professional to treat the stain and remove it gently using the correct products and techniques, carefully in stages.

The Sole Service team have the equipment, experience and procedures in place to apply to your fragile designer handbag and remove the lipstick/make-up stain for good.

Please let us know the source of the stain when requesting your quote.

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