RM Williams repair by Sole Service Australia

Sole Service customers have bought their RM Williams more than 10, 20, 30 years ago, and still wear them day in day out. Like a good horse once broken in they are your loyal friend. The character and beauty of RM Williams boots is an evolution over time. With every wear, you add another layer of character to your pair. When yours need some TLC, send them into Sole Service for a tune up. 

Sole Service can handle the lot, redress the leather upper, replace the elastics, the tugs and resole them. All you need to do is book them in with Sole Service and we will pick them up from your door, repair your boots, then send them right back. You can arrange it all from the comfort of your couch.

They are a beast of a boot and only an RM Williams boot owner knows the feeling, but they do need care. To keep your boots working as hard as you do, boot repairs are part of the ongoing love affair. 

Sole Service specialises in R.M Williams restorations. We pride ourselves on expert craftmanship, prompt turn-around times and we employ R.M Williams trained cobblers.

In this before and after you can see first hand the damage these R.M Williams boots had, the sole was completely worn as were the heels.

Our talented team removed the damaged sole and replaced with a high-quality full rubber sole which we stitched into the uppers. We then fitted a new heel in rubber. After our complimentary leather treatment, polish and clean the customer's boots looked good as new.

We returned the R.M Williams via our complimentary shipping service and the customer can now enjoy years more wear.

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Our talented cobblers at Sole Service can do almost anything requested by our clients. We have a lot of fun creating customised shoes and boots.

Our client decided to replace the traditional black RM Williams rubber soles with a red, heavy-duty rubber sole to bulk up the look of his RM Williams.

The finished product looks striking. We fitted a new red heavy-duty rubber soles and re heel in red rubber, we then painted the base to match.

The wood finish and red soles look awesome and compliments the navy leather.

If you would like Sole Service to customise your RM Williams boots or another special pair of shoes, please request a quotation HERE 

Red soles on RM Williams by Sole Service



Customers often ask the difference between a half sole replacement and a full sole, below we have provided an image of an R.M Williams half sole in rubber and reheel repair

What does the repair entail?

  • The damaged sole will be removed.
  • A new half-sole, made from top-quality rubber, will be laid along three quarters the length of the boot and hand-stitched into place.
  • A new rubber heel is fitted.


Here is the finished product

RM Williams Half resole in rubber and reheel | Sole Service


RM Williams leather boots are famous for their durability and recognised globally for their unmistakable iconic style, but as with any item, the time may come where your boots require a repair or restoration.

Should the heel and sole of your boots no longer support how they used to, Sole Service can rescue your boots.  Repair at a fraction of the cost, rather than replace, without having to leave your home or office.

Sole Service - your personal concierge cobbler specialising in all makes of leather shoes and boot.

Your refurbished boots will then be delivered back to your door, as good as new.

Free door-to-door shipping on our R.M. Williams half rubber sole replacement and reheel service

Put your feet up and relax, with Sole Service we make it easy to have your R.M. Williams boots expertly restored with our free door-to-door shoe repair service, Australia wide, including all regional areas.

Use the simple online quotation form below and let Sole Service take care of the rest.