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RM Williams |  Replace elastics gussets 

Service Includes: Replace four elastics 

If your boots have become loose, chances are your gussets need replacing (the elastic on the sides of the boot). Sole Service will replace all four gussets, ensuring your boots a snug fit once more. 

Price includes door to door shipping Australia wide

We are very proud of our workmanship and the results we achieve. 


1)  Add the repair/s to your shopping cart.

2)  Pay for your order and advise us of your preferred shipping address at home, at work etc

3)  Once the order is received we'll send you a shipping label to your email address or a prepaid satchel (if access is an issue) and advise you of the collection date and details.

Once we receive your items, our cobblers will assess + repair. We then ship back to you and advise you of return tracking information.

Quick + easy.

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