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Materials of luxury historical handbag brand "Louis Vuitton"

It is undeniable that Louis Vuitton is one of the most beloved handbag brands of all time, but how many people really know about the materials in the Louis Vuitton handbag? Studying the materials used by Louis Vuitton is vital knowledge, to ensure proper care and correct products are used.

Let's start with the most popular and common materials for this luxury brand of iconic handbags according to the composition of the bag

1. The main material of the Louis Vuitton iconic handbag body consists of the outer and inner lining. Both the outside and the inside can be classified into three main materials.

1.1 Fabrics can be divided into many types. The most common on the outside is denim, and the inside comes in many different types, ranging from dark red, dark brown, or cream cotton, to soft purple microfiber fabrics, and so on.

1.2 Coated canvas or artificial leather (PVC), both types of materials are structurally similar but there is a slight difference that the “Coated Canvas” refers to coated fabrics if the coating is transparent. However, if a fabric sheet underneath is coated with an opaque leather-like stamping pattern, it is called “PVC”, polyurethane vinyl chloride, meaning artificial leather. Damier Ebene, Damier Graphite, Damier Azur, Monogram, Monogram Reverse, Monogram Eclipse, Monogram Eclipse Reverse

1.3 Leather, There are stamping in various patterns such as EPI wooden grain, logo, a specially coated leather surface with an extremely glossy called Vernis leather, Taurillon Leather, Taiga Leather, Monogram Shadow, Monogram Empreinte

2. Handles, shoulder straps, or rims are usually made of genuine leather which can be separated into Natural Cowhide/Vachetta leather, finish leather, or patent leather, which is actually finished leather that has been coated with a thicker, glossier coating.

3. Decorative parts such as zipper puller leaf-shaped leather pieces, including a piece of leather in the shape of a leaf on both sides for attaching the lock kit, nametag in some model, or the key chain cover.

4. Hardware is available in 18K gold jewelry, brass color, silver color, blackened silver, or black powder coating on metal.

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