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Why mould removal treatment?

The most annoying and unpleasant thing that you can see on your favourite bag is mould. It is one of the most difficult things to be removed from the bag and it can reoccur with a smell that will affect your health.

How does mould get into your handbag?

We take our handbag everywhere including shops, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, on commute, work or even if you keep it in the wardrobe for a long period of time without using it there is a possibility for mould to get inside your handbag and cause long term damage.

Continuous changes in weather and environment may also impact your handbag negatively.

How to get rid of mould and stop it coming back?


After you use your bag, do not forget to clean it before you put it in the wardrobe.


If it does not go away, then Sole Service is the best place to have a mould removal and a cleaning treatment completed. Our mould removal treatment kills spores to prevent mould regrowing.


Book your mould removal treatment with us - HERE

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