Men's shoe full sole in leather and rubber reheel

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A new full leather sole and heel replacement will revitalise your men's shoes they will feel brand new and you do not have to break them in as they have already formed to your feet.

The entire sole and heel is removed, new full sole is laid the length of the shoe, stitched on and the heel replaced on top, ensuring a seamless and high quality finish.

A leather sole sets off a beautiful pair of designer shoes.

With our simple online booking feature and Australia wide door to door delivery, there has never been an easier way to have your shoes repaired, just book and let us do the rest.

Men's full sole in leather and rubber heel replacement | Price is per pair.


Mens full leather sole repair cefore

After... new full leather sole and rubber reheel

After full leather sole and reheel by Sole Service

Why repair your men’s shoes with Sole Service? Well, there are many good reasons... firstly our premium workmanship and care with every shoe, secondly a resole and reheel is half the cost of new footwear, thirdly is the comfort.  If you’ve got a pair of shoes that fit like a glove – or that make you feel like a million dollars, then repair them instead of hoping and praying that the replacement will look and feel just as good.

The friendly team at Sole Service will collect your shoes via courier or postage satchel, re-heel and re sole and return them to you. 

Any special instructions must be added to your order notes. 


1)  Add the repair/s to your shopping cart

2)  Pay for your order and advise us of your preferred shipping address at home, at work etc

3)  Once the order is received we'll send you a shipping label to your email address or a prepaid satchel (if access is an issue) and advise you of the collection date and details.


Once we receive your items, our cobblers will assess + repair. We then ship back to you and advise you of return tracking information.

Customers also purchased professional clean, polish and condition with this repair 

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