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Read the latest reviews from our clients. Sole Service customers entrust our team with their extremely valuable handbags, shoes and accessories. Feel confident in a professional result. servicing Australia since 2013.

Robyn - Chanel handbag clean & stitching

I was recommended this service and I could not be happier.

I am so happy with my bag and the great customer service. Win win to have a valued item restored and one less item adding to our landfill!

Best in the business, Brilliant. The girls have repaired around 20 of my Louis Vuittion, Coach, Michaek Korrs handbags and purses. I pride myself on attention to detail and the girls ensure my expectations are met.

Brilliant resoling! Had a pair of Doc Marten sandals with soles that weighed a tonne. Replaced by SS with a lighter, DM sole that feels totally original but much easier to wear.

You’d never know it was replaced. Excellent service and easy pickup and delivery.

Don’t hesitate if you need new soles. Thanks SS!

Maria - Louis Vuitton restorations
( multiple)

Local Identity - Prada & Celinni restoration

Kat Ann - Louis Vuitton restorations
( multiple)

Sandy - Burberry dye removal

Very happy with repairs to my vintage designer bags, they did a miracle fix on the handle of my Prada that I thought was done for, renovated my Cellini suede to remove years of prelove grime, and switched zip tags from inside to outside zips so the original branded tags / tassels replaced missing tags, then installed high quality substitute tags on the inner zips. All this for a bargain bundle price. My handbags look great and are now usable again 😅 Thanks Courtney and team!

Excellent friendly service. I had a Louis Vuitton bag repaired and cleaned and it came back looking beautiful. I will definitely use the service again as I have a couple more bags that could use their care and attention. Very happy to recommend for any high end goods.

Recently needed black die that bled into yellow leather removed from the inside of a small Burberry bag.

Sole Service are my Knights in shining armour - my bag returned good as new, you would never know it was damaged.

The service is not cheap, but it was an expensive bag and I'm definitely delighted with the outcome.

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