Replacement Louis Vuitton vachetta leather top handle set.

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The leather vachetta of your Louis Vuitton top handles, zip tags and internal straps wear down rapidly with everyday use. 

Sole Service offers real vachetta leather replacement handles in two shades of leather colours Nature (natural) &  Coffee (dark brown). 

Purchase the entire set including

  1. 2 x new vachetta leather top handles,
  2. 2 x Cinching straps
  3. 2 x End tabs
  4. 1 x Zip pull

Purchase Top Handles only

  1. 2 x new vachetta leather top handles,

The price to install is additional.

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By replacing the leather straps and accessories with your favourite Louis Vuitton / designer handbag. Allowing years of pristine wear and enjoyment.

**Please note these are real vachetta leather, they are not genuine Louis Vuitton parts****

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