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RM Williams Half resole in rubber and reheel repair | Sole Service
  • A new half-sole, made from top-quality rubber, will be laid along three quarters the length of the boot and hand-stitched into place.
  • New rubber heels fitted.

Sole Service has over 25 years of shoemaking experience,  Every RM Williams repair is completed by hand using tried and tested techniques to ensure quality and a long-lasting repair.

To keep your boots working as hard as you do, request a quote and let the Sole Service customer care team provide a personalised repair solution. Upon acceptance of your quote, a complimentary courier will be booked to collect your RM Wiliams from anywhere in Australia.

We are very proud of our quality workmanship, attention to detail and the results we achieve. 


1)  Select “Get a Quote”. 

2)  Advise us of your repair requirements & upload a picture

3) We send a tailored quote to your email 

4) Upon acceptance of the quotation and payment has been made we book in a courier to collect your order from your home or workplace. A shipping label is emailed to you

5)  Once we receive your items into our workshop we email you to advise receipt of the order, our cobblers assess and repair

6) Upon completion, we ship back your completed order and advise you of the return tracking information via email

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