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R.M. Williams Full rubber resole and reheel.

R.M. Williams are made to withstand the test of time and crafted to endure harsh conditions.  With each step taken you’ve created character and have perfectly moulded your R.M. Williams boots specifically for your comfort.

Should the time come when your RMs need a little TLC contact the team from Sole Service.  Our skilled cobbler is highly experienced in quality RM Williams boot repairs and will expertly replace your R.M. Williams rubber soles and reheel.  Put the spring back in your step, save money, and retain that comfort you’ve worked so long to create.

An R.M. Williams Full Rubber resole and reheel comes with free door-to-door shipping, Australia wide

When you contact Sole Service for your R.M. Williams boot repairs, we provide a convenient and superior service.  

Restore your R.M. Williams rubber soles and reheel, without having to leave your home.  Our door-to-door mobile shoe repair service operates Australia wide, including all regional areas, and is free of charge to you.

We pride ourselves on our in-house cobbler’s accomplished workmanship, reviving your R.M. Williams boots using only traditional, hand-crafted methods.  With over 25 years’ experience in the industry you can trust that your R.M. Williams rubber re-sole and re-heel is in the right hands:

  • The worn heel and sole will be removed.
  • A new premium anti-slip rubber sole will be laid along the full length of the boot and hand-stitched into place.
  • The new heel is then added on top of the new sole.

We’ll then return your restored R.M. Williams boots straight to your door, allowing for many more years of wear.

Use the simple online booking service below and let Sole Service take care of the rest.

Sole Service – R.M. Williams sole or heel repair services

Are either the soles or heels still in good condition? Excellent. You can choose either a full or half rubber R.M. Williams re-sole, or an R.M. Williams heel replacement only.


1)  Select “Get a Quote”.

2)  Advise us of your repair requirements & upload a picture.

3) We send a tailored quote to your email.

4) Upon acceptance of the quotation and payment has been made we book in a courier to collect your order from your home or workplace. A shipping label is emailed to you.

5)  Once we receive your items into our workshop we email you to advise receipt of the order, our cobblers assess and repair.

6) Upon completion, we will ship back your completed order and advise you of the return tracking information via email.

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