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Wedding shoes: tips, tricks and how to ensure you have the perfect pair.

pictures: our beautiful client entrusted Sole Service with her Louboutin wedding shoes. We fitted our famous high-shine ptotective topy soles for her in red, providing the bride a comfortable sole and a non slip surface.

Your wedding shoes may be one of the last things you organise, but they are a very important factor in your bridal outfit. Finding the right combination of fabulous that suits all of your bridal needs can be a challenge. Sole Service Australia - Luxury aftercare company has become the "go-to" in wedding shoe repair, wedding shoe cleaning, wedding shoe dye/recolouring & ensuring the shoes are comfortable and non-slip for the bride's big day.

I love the style but the colour of the shoes is wrong…

If you would like to perfectly match your shoes to your dress, it is a good idea to take your wedding dress or a swatch of your wedding dress fabric with you when you go shopping for your wedding shoes. If you can’t colour match exactly, try to match the embellishment on your dress or jewellery with your shoes. If this is proving difficult, you can always have your wedding shoes professionally dyed by Sole Service to ensure a perfect match. Find the shoes you love and then have them dyed to suit your dress.

If you can’t see your shoes…

If nobody can see your feet, it means you have the ability to opt for a shoe that may be more practical and comfortable, rather than having to wear something that perfectly matches but is uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.

In saying this, a safe choice is to at least pick a shoe that won’t appear too out of place if you flash your feet at some point. Colours like nude, tan, ivory, white or even pastel shades of pink, lavender and baby blue are safe choices. However, if you aren’t a big fan of dancing all night and the likelihood of anyone seeing your feet is pretty low, you can always opt for a pair of comfy heels, espadrilles or flats in any colour you desire.

If you want a pop of colour

If you would like to add a touch of colour to brighten up your bridal look, a great way to do so is to incorporate a new colour with your shoes! Many brides use their bridal shoes as a way to have "something blue", but there are so many other colours out there to choose from too. If you require a bespoke colour, Sole Service can mix any colour you love and paint /dye your wedding shoes.

You can choose a colour and replicate the colour that matches your flowers or bridesmaids' dresses or even select a colour that matches your wedding colour scheme. Metallic colours like gold, silver, rose gold and copper can have great visual effects when contrasted against white, and can also provide a very elegant and glamorous element.

The heels vs. flats debate

Heels or flats?

This is completely up to you and comes down to a number of factors. Firstly, are you comfortable wearing heels? Are you having a very formal and traditional wedding, or are you getting married on the beach? Are you trying to appear taller, or are you looking to not add any extra height? Ultimately both styles of shoes can work, and while a pair of strappy heels look amazing with a sexy, mermaid-shaped dress, a pair of bejewelled sandals can look just as good when paired with a sheath, Grecian-inspired or empire-waist style gown.

The bridesmaid factor

If you have selected shoes for your bridesmaids rather than having them wear something they already own, you may have to consider how comfortable the shoes you have chosen are. If you think the shoes you have selected may become uncomfortable throughout the evening chat with your bridesmaids and see how they feel.

A simple solution? Have your bridesmaids bring a pair of their own comfortable heels or formal flats, so they can change shoes after the formalities and photos are finished. Sole Service can recolour the bridesmaids' shoes so they all match, but each girl has the comfort factor.

Tips and tricks

  • As soon as you buy your wedding shoes, book them into Sole Service and have their "high shine protective Topy sole" fitted.

  • Wear your shoes before your wedding day! Don’t wear them for the first time on your big day, that’s a recipe for a blister-fest. Instead, practice walking in them a few times before your big day.

  • Take a spare pair and keep them under the bridal table

  • Pack a footwear survival kit; things like band-aids and gel inserts may help with blisters caused by dancing.

  • Take your wedding dress shopping with you when you look for bridal shoes, or if that’s not possible see if you can take a fabric swatch. This is particularly handy for brides who are trying to colour-match.

  • If you can’t find the shoe you want, whether it be the right colour ask the team at Sole Service to recolour them for you.

  • Shoe grip is so important, no one wants to see the bride sliding across the dance floor out of control. The high-shine tops add grip!

At the end of the day your wedding shoe is a matter of personal preference, but don’t forget to factor comfort into the equation, and make sure you decide on the type of shoe you would like to wear before you go to that dress fitting.

Would you like a professional consultation?

Book an Adelaide studio consultation. Bring in your wedding shoes and let the team help you choose the service that will suit your needs.

Not in Adelaide? No problems, Sole Service has been servicing clients Australia-wide for ten years. Book an online studio consultation and let the team help you choose the service that will suit your needs virtually. Free shipping Australia-wide.

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