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Simply select the service you require and complete a Quotation Request and we'll do the rest......

Professional Sneaker Clean

Our top-requested service for overall cleaning. For heavily soiled or stained sneakers, we suggest opting for the Deluxe Sneaker Clean.

The Professional Sneaker Clean includes:
-Interior and Exterior Clean
- Leather condition & rejuvenation

- Hardware polish

-Odour removal treatment

-Stain Protection


 You’ll be amazed at what professional cleaning can do for your old leather goods.

Stain Guarantee: While we tirelessly strive for impeccable results, it's important to note that complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Our paramount concern is delivering a meticulous cleaning service without causing any harm to the material.

Metal Polish service applies to dull and tarnished metal and can be buffed and shined to bring it back to a ‘fresh look’ condition.


Price includes complimentary courier collection Australia-wide.

The Luxury Sneaker Pack - Clean and Repaint

This is an intense, treatment to protect new sneakers.

The Luxury Sneaker Pack Includes:
- Upper Intensive Cleaning

- Midsole

- Outsole Cleaning

- Insole

- Deodorise/Disinfect

- Waterproofing

- Laces


This service is essential for preserving the pristine condition of your sneakers, safeguarding them from stains and dirt.

Ensure the long-lasting quality of your beloved sneakers by booking your appointment today. Wear your sneakers confidently, knowing they're protected.

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