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Hacks to keep your luxury shoes and handbags in great condition.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Storage tips & organisation - We are sharing our best tips, hacks and storage ideas to protect your luxury shoe and handbag collections.

One of our favourite clients, Ms M has over 100 luxury handbags. When we asked Ms M how she keeps her bags in immaculate condition, she stated "When I go out to dinner with my husband, I book an extra seat, a table for three... One for my husband, one for me and one for my handbag." How fabulous is this? Ms M also has any little imperfections, marks or chips repaired by Sole Service as soon as they happen. This ensures the damage does not get worse and it's a small investment to maintain her bags.

Ideally, you want to keep your handbag in its dust bag and preferably in its original box......But, we are human, we like to look at beautiful things! A luxury piece is for enjoyment and we want to perve on them daily. If you have them on display, ensure they are not in direct sunlight, they are kept free from dust and not in a hot room as that will dry out the leather.

Hack - This is an incredible hack to help soak up moisture in your wardrobe - handbags and shoes do not like humidity! We see so many mouldy handbags, especially Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Mould is smelly, unsightly and dangerous. If your handbag or shoes have been attacked by mould book a mould removal treatment with Sole Service - Luxury Aftercare Company we kill the spores, remove mould and deodorise.

We came across Greenhub on Instagram and their hack for helping to remove moisture from your wardrobe. Thank you for the tip guys. Here is their Instagram if you wish to follow them for more GREEN HUB INSTAGRAM Watch the full video below

Colour Transfer - Oh the dreaded curse! Two things on this topic, beware of your bags rubbing against your clothes, especially denim. The colour will rub off onto your handbag. We do offer a dye transfer removal treatment but in extreme cases, we need to repaint the affected leather. To prevent this, do not store your handbags touching each other (they should be on their own shelf or in their dust bag and box) if venturing out, do not wear your handbag so it is sitting on darker material, even better, hold it. Prevention is always better than a cure. Seatbelt covers for metal/chain straps We have been told by a Chanel customer that when she stores her Chanel Boy she places a car seatbelt cover on the metal strap to protect the super-soft leather from indentations. You could also place the dust bag over the top with the strap over the dust bag. This will protect the bag and the lock.

No hooks, we repeat, no hooks - Hanging your designer handbag on a hook will damage it. The straps are not meant to be hung on that tiny point. It will cause unnecessary stress on the leather which leads to cracking, plus the bottoms will sag and the sides can fall in. Store the bags in their box with a safe filler or on a shelf. We hope this helps you to preserve and enjoy your beautiful designer handbags. Do you have a special hack or storage idea? Please share it with us via email at so we can share it with the Sole Service community too.

If you need to book your designer shoes or handbags for a clean, restoration or colour please complete a QUOTE REQUEST and our helpful team will provide you with a personalised quotation. Ready to sell your designer piece? Sole Service has thousands of clients waiting to purchase designer pieces, find out what your item is worth HERE

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