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Tips For Selling Your Designer Handbags.

Have you thought about reselling your pre-owned designer handbags but don’t know where to start? Keep reading. From experience, we have gained knowledge on the online and in-store options to sell your designer bags, and can share how to get the most money for your used designer handbags with these tips and tricks!

1. Invest in the right bag

The safest pieces to invest in are the classic styles and shapes that are already proven, they stand the test of time and will always be in demand, focus on brands like Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Dior.

2. Keep the dust bag.

Repeat- KEEP those dust bags. And while you’re at it, save anything else that your designer came with like an authentication card, tags, etc. The price of your pre-owned bag will go UP when you can provide these often-discarded accoutrements. Shoppers want to know a bag is authentic, so they can feel like they just purchased a pre-loved designer handbag for a great price with all the fixings that make it feel like buying a brand new bag. Be sure to include photos of the dust, tags, etc.- it will attract potential buyers, upping the chances of a speedy sale at a price you’ll be happy with.

3. Take Care Of Your Bag

Put away the receipt somewhere safe, and store your bag in the dust bag and box it came in to maintain the shape and colour of the bag, the original packaging will also make it more appealing to a buyer. Protect it from direct sunlight, water ​and stains. Keep a plastic bag filled with baking soda inside your handbag to avoid odour.

3. Take Good Photos

The sale of a pre-owned bag is solely based on the photos used to present it, do not rush this step, it can mean a shopper purchases your bag over a competitor bag. ​Take pictures of your bag against a white background in natural daylight.​ Use multiple pictures from different angles ​- ​front, back, side, a photo of the interior and key details​ls​ including the labels​ to prove its authenticity, don’t leave out stains and damages. Accurate photos will ensure a smooth sale with no questions raised once the purchaser receives it. Be transparent.

​4. The Right Price​

Do your research, and check what similar brands and sizes with the same condition are going for. If your handbag is in great condition, take the original price and mark it down between 5-15% per year. If the handbag has scuff marks and obvious wear and tear that is hard to fix or repair, mark the price down to around 30-50%.

5. Sell At The Right Time

To give your bag the best chance of selling, always consider the season. Generally, white or light-coloured bags sell better in spring and darker or neutral-coloured bags in winter. 5. Ensure your bag fetches the highest price - Clean, restore and repair before the sale

You wouldn't advertise a dirty car, would you? You would ensure it's clean, serviced and enticing to the prospective buyer. Designer handbags are no different. Invest a couple of hundred dollars in a professional clean with Sole Service. Have the scuffed paint restored, repair any damage to the edging etc. Present your bag in the best condition it can be and you could see your sale price increase by hundreds, even a thousand dollars etc.

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